About Us

Translating Equine Nutrition Science Into Actionable Tips For Horse Owners.

Why Beyond The Round Exists

There’s a lot of amazing scientific research on equine nutrition… but the average horse owner doesn’t have a PhD to comprehend scientific jargon. So many owners turn to friends, forums, and other unverified sources to improve their horse’s nutrition. As a horse owner myself, I get it. It’s simply not practical to call your vet every time you have a quick question about adjusting your horse’s feed.


To make it easy for you to access. verified equine nutrition information written in plain English, we built Beyond The Round. Our expert equine nutritionists distill valuable scientific research into actionable, bite-sized tips that you can use to improve your horse’s health and wellbeing.

Ann Mahoney

Our Founder: Ann Mahoney

I’ve owned horses for the past 15 years and have spent hundreds of hours browsing forums, trying different feeding programs and analyzing why one thing worked for one horse but not another.

Through this process, I was fortunate to connect with some of the very best vets and equine nutritionists, and today I collaborate with them to bring you actionable equine nutrition information you can trust.