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Our equine nutrition experts take peer reviewed science and distill it into bite-sized, actionable information you can use to improve your horse’s diet.

Our Mission

There is plenty of high-quality equine research available. 

But most horse owners don’t understand the scientific jargon. 

Unfortunately, science isn’t very useful if we, as horse owners, don’t use the insights from research to optimize our horse’s diet 

Beyond The Round is the missing link that translates valuable equine nutrition research into bite-sized actionable information.

Scientists And Experts

Scientists and expert nutritionists provide data and research on equine nutrition.

Beyond The Round

We translate valuable scientific research into simple, actionable advice.


You use the advice from beyond the round to improve your horse’s health and nutrition.

The ultimate guides to equine nutrition

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding your horse’s nutritional care and we’ll be happy to get you an answer from a certified equine nutritionist. 

This guide discusses the pros and cons of beet pulp and clarifies the most commonly asked questions from horse owners.
Learn everything you need to know about feeding beet pulp to your horse.